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Your wedding day is oh so close lovely!🥂

I wanted to send you over to this helpful hair and skin prep guide to get yourself and bride tribe all prepped perfectly for the big day!

Please be sure to read through and share with everyone in your bridal party prior to the day!

At MeaganEllise our general prep guide/ instructions for hairstyling is clean and dry hair. For skin is to have makeup free face with only your skincare on. I would love to extend on this and take you through exactly the best way to prep your hair and skin, and also the best times to do so...


The night before - wash your makeup off really well - especially mascara! We recommend doing two cleanses once you have removed all your makeup.

Follow your cleansing up with your usual night-time skincare. This includes using masks, lip creams etc, anything that will moisturise and plump the skin is totally fine and will benefit your finished look.

On morning of your wedding day it’s best do for another cleanse and follow with your daytime skincare routxcsdven with dry shampoo!f, even with dry shampoo!f


Q: Why put my skincare on before the makeup?

A: Even though we cleanse and moisturise your face for you prior to makeup application, there will be some time inbetween you cleaning your skin and us putting makeup on!

This way your skin can stay hydrated and plump right up until we get our hands on you.

Q : Why the night before and again on the day?

A: It is best to cleanse and remove your makeup the night before just to make sure you have removed it all effectively, especially mascara as it can take quite a few washes to remove sometimes!

Even if you didn’t wear makeup the day prior, it’s still great to cleanse and pop your skincare on to help hydrate the skin. Hydrated skin is the best canvas for a flawless makeup application!

Q: What if I have oily skin? should I still be applying as much skincare?

A: Absolutely, yes! Even if you have oily skin, you may still have de-hydrated skin. This can we more problematic that the oil, as makeup tends not apply flawlessly on dehydrated skin, and will accentuate the dryness...

If your worried about hydrating your oily skin type, it would be fabulous to chat with a beautician and get some products suited to your skin type to hydrate your skin prior to the day.


Clean and dry hair is the best way to have your hair prepped for us on the day. Contrary to what you may have heard, dirty hair is not good for hair styling! We can always add more products to silky soft hair to make it hold and make it “dirty” if needed... But there is only so much dry shampoo will help us with!

Washing the night before is the best time to prep your hair, as most hair types to get oily quickly. If you are one of the lucky ones and don’t get oily hair easily, your welcome to wash the day before, or when you are comfortable to do so.

Blowdry VS air dry:

it is not a necessity to blowdry your hair out -

but it does help to get a slightly better result…

Blow drying helps to get rid of fly aways and fluffy hairs around the front hairline, as well as stubborn part lines and crowns. We will always apply products and blowdry on dry hair if needed on the day.

Whether you are leaving your hair to air-dry or your blow drying - a few key points to make sure you keep in mind are:

Part your hair where you will be wanting it styled to on the day. For example; a center part/sode part/fringes or crowns

✨ Remember not to use any leave in products like conditioning treatments or styling products in your hair.


Yes.. there is a correct way to wash your hair to avoid those oily roots!

Sometimes it’s still possible to have oily roots after you have just washed your hair. This comes down to 2 reasons:

1. Your conditioner is making its way into your root area while washing and is not being rinsed thoroughly from the hair.

2. The shampoo you are using is too heavy for your hair type.

Below is the best way to wash your hair for styling (especially if your have an oily hair type!)


- SHAMPOO ALL OVER (this is a quick wash to break the surface tension, the second shampoo can then get into your hair effectively!)



- CONDITION: place conditioner on midlengths and ends only. Comb through if needed. Try to concentrate applying this only in your “ponytail” area only.

- SHAMPOO ROOTS ONLY - add a small amount of shampoo throughout scalp and roots area of hair. Concentrating on your part line, crown and front of face.

- RINSE - all the conditioner first really well, then all shampoo.

After Washing:

- Part your hair to where your would like it styled.

- Blowdry or leave to air dry

- Don’t use hair treatments in the week prior to your wedding day


Q: My hair holds better if I wash it a few days before styling it, is that okay?

A: Perfectly fine! We trust you know your hair better than we do… Just as long as you don’t have an oily hair type and you know it will still be clean and oil free for us on the day. We are More than happy for you to wash when your most comfortable doing so!

Q: I have really curly hair that I don’t like to blowdry, do I still need to blowdry it?

A: No, not at all, if you prefer to leave it to dry naturally then that’s perfectly fine. Although if the style you are choosing is something that will need to be smoothed out to achieve, blow drying as smooth as you can is going to give you best results. We will always be applying products and blow drying your hair smooth before creating a style, so please don’t feel like you will be left with an untamed mane!

Q: I want to leave or enhance my natural curls in my hairstyle, how should I prep my hair?

A: Just leaving your hair to dry naturally will be perfect for this.

Q: I’m the mother of the bride and have short hair. I was hoping to just have a blowdry, should I still keep it clean and dry?

A: if you are having a blowdry only, without any hot tool styling or updo, your best to wash your hair in the morning and keep wet for us. Comb in the direction of the style wanted (incase it drys before your in the chair for your styling) We will wet your locks down again for you if needed!

Q: I have oily hair, but if I wash it the night before or might be too silky? What do you recommend?

A: If you have oily hair please wash the night before! We can always use texture spray/styling powders to get the hair gritty and to hold if we need to. Which is preferable over using dry shampoo on oily roots. All the beautiful soft textured looks and soft volume are not able to be achieved as well in hair that is oily, even with dry shampoo!

That's all for now... If you have ANY questions at all, don't hesitate to contact us!

See you soon lovely!!

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