For all booking enquires please email us at info@meaganellise.com


All Bridal and booking quotes are valid for 30 days from receiving.


No Wedding or other bookings are honoured without a booking fee. We are unable to secure your booking or hold a wedding date for you under any circumstance before paying a non-refundable booking fee.

Booking fees are strictly non-refundable and non-transferrable.


Your non-refundable booking fee will be deducted from your final invoice amount. This final outstanding balance must be paid 7 days (or earlier) prior to your event day. Full payment of services for your Wedding Day is non-refundable if you cancel your wedding anytime after your 7 days prior.

Numbers for hair & makeup services need to be confirmed and final at the time of securing your booking fee. These numbers will remain the minimum and cannot be reduced. This will be the number that is payable on the final invoice. You may add more people and/or services if it is possible for us to accommodate this for you.

If you prefer to have a trial before you secure your date with a booking fee, this can be arranged. However, even if you have made an appointment for a trial, your wedding/event date is still not secure without a booking fee paid. If someone is looking to book in for the same date, we may let you know that this date is no longer available. Once you have had a trial, we may hold the date open for 24hrs upon request.

If there are any additional services provided on the day, cash or card payment will be required. Additional services include but are not limited to: hairstyle changes, longer or thicker hair than quoted for, parking fees etc.



When booking in and paying for your wedding date/appointment online, please ensure you are booking in on your correct date and year. We will do our very best to pencil your date in our calendar when advised you would like to go ahead with your booking; Therefore MeaganEllise Hair and Makeup will not hold any responsibility for bookings made by the client/bride online, if the date booked is not the intended/correct date. 


In the event that our stylists incurred parking fee's as a result of the location of the appointment, these will be passed on to the client/bride. 


Please confirm your numbers at the time of booking and securing your booking fee, as we do not accept any cancellations of hair and makeup services within group bookings or packages. Should anyone in your wedding party or group booking cancel their service/s at any time they may be replaced with someone else, e.g. a friend or relative. You may be charged the full amount of the service/s if no replacement is found. Your replacement may also be subject to additional costs if needed/requested.

All booking fee are strictly non-refundable and non-transferrable. This also applies to, but not limited to, weddings/group bookings or otherwise that have been cancelled due to personal descisions or reasons, personal relationship or personal financial problems.

Cancellation of any booking by you must be sent in writing, and will only be confirmed upon receipt of this. The complete booking fee will be retained by MeaganEllise Hair and Makeup regardless of notice given. This is due to administration and advertising costs and loss of income via other potential bookings caused by your secured appointment.


MeaganEllise Hair and Makeup does not offer refunds for any completed services; therefore, if you are in any way dissatisfied, the client must notify the stylist whilst they are on location.


If we are unable to attend to your booking due to unforeseeable circumstances, we will make every attempt to replace the hair and/or makeup artist(s). However, if we are unsuccessful you may choose to accept a full refund of booking fee or monies paid. You acknowledge that in this circumstance you have no other remedies apart from those stated in these terms and conditions.

I acknowledge that MeaganEllise Hair and Makeup may use my photographs, videos or images for portfolio, website, social media and any promotions.


MeaganEllise Hair and Makeup is not, under any circumstances, responsible for any allergic reactions to products used. The onus is on the client to give advance notification to us if you or any of your group/wedding party have particular hypersensitivity that you are aware of. You are welcome to bring your own product that you are familiar with, for us to use although we cannot make guarantees surrounding quality for product(s) you supply for us to use.

MeaganEllise hair and Makeup reserves the right to refuse service on anyone displaying contra-indications including but not limited to skin liaisons, cold sores, eye infections, head lice or someone who has fresh cuts & bruising from any facial or neck surgery.

MeaganEllise hair and Makeup reserves the right to refuse service on any clients displaying contagious viral symptoms including but not limited to vomiting, diarrhoea and suspicious rash to ensure health of our talent members, sub-contractors and our other clients.

Children in presence of the booking are to be supervised by a responsible adult at all times. Children are not to be within the service area at any time unless they are having a service and are being supervised by a responsible adult. MeaganEllise Hair and Makeup accepts no liability from any claims arising from any children’s injury while in the service area.


By accepting your quote and paying your booking fee you acknowledge the above terms and conditions and understand you are legally bound by this document.

In these terms and conditions, “We” and "Us" means Meagan Ellise Hair and Makeup (ABN 57 966 185 987) or any stylist of the business; “Stylist” means a stylist or subcontractor of MeaganEllise Hair and Makeup; Including Meagan Thirgood, trading also as "MeaganEllise Hair and Makeup" and “Meagan Ellise”.